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Outstanding academic credentials

We have already attracted an amazing group that holds PhD, Masters, JD, and MBA degrees from top schools like Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard and MIT.

Real world business experience

Our founders are Heidi and Stephen Messer, the sister and brother team who founded, built and sold LinkShare Corporation, which was acquired by a Japanese portal for several hundred million dollars in 2005. We have experience working at Fortune 10 companies, in the public sector, and in prestigious research positions at places like IBM’s TJ Watson Research Laboratory, Microsoft Research, and Google.

Diverse perspectives

We hail from more than 10 countries, which brings an incredible diversity and global perspective to our way of thinking and our culture.

Outside of the office

We like dim sum, playing Halo 3, skiing, and spending quality time with our friends and family.

What we’re working on

In our daily business, we are working on a variety of massively scalable systems related to web applications and services, analytics, knowledge discovery, information storage and retrieval, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Who We Are
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